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Wii Fishing Resort is a RPG-Style game by Prope. The main point of the game is to catch fish, and pretty much do what ever you want in the process. The game contains exactly 216 species of fish. The point of this wiki is to help players catch these fish, learn about these fish, and succeed in the main goal: catch all the fish! It has fish from all around the globe, and some extinct ones as well. It helps these players to differentiate between the fish in the game and the fish in real life. If you are stuck in your game, just come to the website, talk to real people about how to catch the fish or do what you are trying to do, or see how you catch a fish. All hands needed! Help us make this wiki better!

Hi all, I made a fishing resort guide. It's 50 pages but they are separated into sections. Hope you find it helpful AleNinKel (talk) 15:10, September 7, 2013 (UTC)File:Fishing Resort Guide.pdf or through the page for the guide.

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The PirarucuArapaima, or Paiche is the largest fish in Panas Jungle. It is unlocked in the "King Of The Jungle" quest and it must be fished in order to unlock the Platinum Alligator Gar and Dorado. The Pirarucu can be confused with the Alligator Gar, which swims in the same area...Keep Reading

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