White Sturgeon
WhiteSturgeon NB

Scientific Name

Acipenser transmontanus


Kanan Lake - Emperor Hyde Hall in the deep hole

Real Life Location

West Coast of North America from the Aleutian Islands to Central California and in Lake Erie.

Tackle Size


Biggest Size

23.44 (S)

Base Fish Points


The White Sturgeon is the largest fish caught by rod and reel(not trolling) in the game, reaching a bit over 23 feet long, which is accurate in real life also. It is also the largest freshwater fish in the game. You can find them in the deep hole in the middle of Emperor Hyde Hall. Try to slowly circle around in your motorboat to find it. They appear visible in the water, and are very obvious, as appearing huge and close to the surface. Use quick hitter or rainbow bait to hook it, and reel it in with a Titan/Infinity combo. Wait until the tension is in mid-blue, and then reel back to green. Repeat the process until you bring him in. Be careful though, if the sturgeon gets to 90 feet or more, it's usually gone. S ranks put up the toughest fight and usually escape unless you're careful.


  • Kanan Lake - Emperor Hyde Hall in the deep hole.

Baits & LuresEdit

  • Rainbow (L - XL)
  • Quick Hitter (L - XL)
  • The "Goblin" line of spoon lures

Tips & TricksEdit

  • Try to keep the White Sturgeon in light blue, and reel back to green. Never hit orange!!
  • Set Tackle as X-999 Titan rod, Infinity Reel and Quick hitter/Rainbow (L-XL)
  • It is almost impossible to catch this fish with any other tackle except the Titan/Infinity rod/reel.