Wels Catfish

Scientific Name

Silurus glanis


Dua Ribu Lake

Real Life Location

United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Slovenia

Tackle Size


Largest Size

6.29 ft

Base Fish Points


Hi, The Wels Catfish, or the Sheatfish, is a large fish from Dua Ribu Lake. In reality, Wels Catfish are found in cool water and do not grow as big as they do in game. However, when purposely introduced to several rivers in Spain, they grow huge. They are found in Northern Europe and the UK, but some have gone as far east as Kazakhstan. They usually don't go out much, they stay and guard their eggs. They have been known to attack humans and have maintained life in the lakes and rivers close to where the Chernobyl radioactive explosion happened, though some of them have been reported to have mutations and much bigger then a basketball player.


This fish will only start to show up once you trigger the quest "The Great Dua Ribu Feeding". It can commonly be found north of Dua Ribu eyelet, in the weeds and brush. You need large bait or a spoon from the goblin toy series or Quick Hitter: Large or Rainbow: Large, large rod/reel and a raft to catch this fish. This fish is most easily caught when you are looking at it. Also, this fish will fight hard, so you have to keep the meter in green-orange level preferably.  


Dua Ribu Lake, Dua Ribu Eyelet (north of the island with the building)


The quest "The Great Dua Ribu Feeding", the player has to catch one Wels Catfish.