Trolling is an activity in which the player uses up to 5 rods to try and fish large fish while on a boat in the sea. To enter this activity, the player needs to see it in the hotel's bulletin board (Teman Paradise Beach and Pacar Beach only) and sign up for it. You can select what lure to use, and then you're off! To fish, when a rod gets a hit, the player has to click it and a special minigame will begin. In the minigame, the player has to follow instructions to reel in the fish that he/she caught. Once the player buys the cruiser, he can troll in it without any cost, at any time. He can also spend nights on the cruiser, but you can't do that when you sign up for it using the bulletin board. Nearly all ocean fish over five feet can only be caught by trolling, with the exception of the various species of Safir Cave.


Trolling with three rods.