The cruiser docked at Teman Paradise Beach.

Teman Paradise Beach is the starting point of the game. It has a wide diversity of fish from temperate and tropical waters. It contains the main hotel along with the Aquarium. In Teman Paradise Beach there are also bicycle and kayak rental points. In this fishing spot, you can learn how to float fish, the first kind of fishing in this game. 

The biggest fishing shop is located there and in it the player can buy outfits, baits, rods and more, after a certain quest is finished (Shop the way you want). Also after you finish a certain quest (Ocean's Dreams), you can purchase the Cruiser for 100,000 points. It is a most certain way to get a quick buck if you need it in catching fish. 

Types of fishEdit


  • Teman Paradise Shark Hunt
  • Shop The Way You Want
  • Thrilling Aquarium
  • Treasures Lost At Sea
  • Forgetful Husband's Item
  • Ocean's Dream