Snakehead AD

Scientific Name

Channa argus


Dua Ribu Lake, Tidur River

Real Life Location

Russia, China, and Korea, Eastern North America

Tackle Size


Largest Size

2.53 ft

Base Fish Points


  • The Snakehead, more precisely, is a northern snakehead, is a medium sized fish in Dua Ribu Lake. Similarly to the Catfish, it is named after the group of animals it is part of, instead of the actually species. In real life it's known as Northern Snakehead, and it can get up to 4 feet and 17 pounds. They are easily caught by casting from the western side of the Eyelet from land. They look a lot like the Bowfin, another fish in Dua Ribu Lake that is a lot less common. In real life, they are native to Russia, China, and India, but they were introduced to the U.S. in 2002 when one was caught in a pond near Washington D.C. Now they are the new invasive species in the U.S., and they are found along the east coast. There are even laws in places like Florida that make it so that you can't release this fish when caught, in an effort to keep the population under control. 


This fish is pretty common in Dua Ribu Lake, and can be caught with medium rod/reel, along with quick hitter (Regular), or rainbow bait (Regular). It can be found throughout the Dua Ribu Eyelet, and can be easily seen from the raft or land. In Tidur River, it is slightly less common, and usually not visible, but can be caught throughout the Northern River. 


Baits and Lures Edit

  • Rainbow (Regular)
  • Red Tiger (Spoon Lure)
  • Red Goblin Toy (Spoon Lure)
  • Blue McCoy (Spinner)
  • Red Hamstring (Minnow Lure)