Smallmouth Bass
Smallmouth Bass AD

Scientific Name

Micropterus dolomieu


Kanan Lake and Dua Ribu Lake

Real Life Location

Temperate North America Lakes & Rivers

Tackle Size


Largest Size

1.67 ft

Base Fish Points


The Smallmouth Bass is very common fish found in Dua Ribu Lake and Kanan Lake. They can be confused as the much rarer Acanthodes. They also like to steal bait from where the Bowfin likes to hang out. This fish is one of many Perciformes, which includes bass and perch.  This fish can grow to several pounds, but specimens have been recorded to over 10 pounds. 


Baits & Lures

  • Minnow: Hamstring (Red, Yellow), Plains (Cream, Jam), Water Fang (Blue, Green, Silver), Wild King (Yellow)
  • Spoon: Beetle (Brown), Naga Scale (Blue, Pink), Twin Color Gold/Green
  • Green Tiger (Spoon Lure)
  • Green/Red Beetle (Spoon Lure)