Redtail Catfish

Scientific Name

Phractocephalus Hemioliopterus


Panas Jungle

Real Life Location

Amazon Basin, Orinoco Basin, Essequibo Basin

Tackle Size


Largest Size

4.14 ft

Base Fish Points


The Redtail Catfish is an extremely rare fish from much of Panas Jungle. However, in the mangrove pool it is quite common. in real life, it is accurately sized at about 4-5 ft it has little natural enemies. It is named because - of course - it has a uniquely red tinted caudal fin. It is fun to catch and will give you a good amount of points. This fish can grow to an impressive 180 pounds. This fish is a popular sight in aquariums with an Amazon based theme.


  • Mangrove Pool

Baits & LuresEdit

  • Minnow: Gold Wild King
  • Bait: Quick Hitter, Wide Range, Rainbow (All Large)


This fish is pretty uncommon in general. To catch this fish, going to the Mangrove Pool would be optimal. This fish needs large bait to be caught, so either use the lunker keeper, berserker, or titan for this fish. This fish will usually come after some other fish, like the Electric Eel, or the Alligator Gar. This fish needs to be kept in the green-light orange range, or else it might tug away and break off. Use most Large baits for this fish.