Red Stingray

Scientific Name

Dasyatis akajei


Teman Paradise Beach

Real Life Location

Northwestern Pacific

Tackle Size


Largest Size

6.80 ft

Base Fish Points


The Red Stingray is a large ray and is the only ray in game that can be caught. The only other ray, the Manta Ray, cannot be caught, but can be put into the Aquarium by seeing it in the Submarine. If you're on a beach where the red stingrays are around, you can see it very clearly as it swims very close to the beach. This fish is very closely related to the giant stingray, which can have a diameter of 6-7 feet. They are easily seen from the beach, and if you cannot see them, just throw your line out with large bait close to the beach and you are likely to catch one. This fish is the biggest fish in Teman Paradise Beach. You will see it in your first temperate tank.


Baits & Lures

  • Bait: Yellow Bait (Large)
  • Bait: any Large  Bait


This fish requires L-XL rod/reel (preferably storm killer/lunker keeper or titan/infinity) and most large baits. This fish is easily visible from it's distinct shape and size, and can be caught by just casting near it. This fish is a great way to get some points.