Rainbow Trout
Rainbov Trount

Scientific Name

Oncorhynchus mykiss


Kerikil River, Kanan Lake (East Sparse Lake - Night Fishing)

Real Life Location

Asian and North American tributaries

Tackle Size


Base Fish Points


Largest caught


The Rainbow Trout is a trout found in Kerikil River and Kanan Lake. It is a common edible fish that lives in rivers worldwide. This fish is an insectivore mostly, but is also a piscivore, which means that it will eat bugs and other fish. This fish is usually caught from 1- 1 1/2 feet in real life, but occasionally will be caught at 2-3 feet. An oceangoing Rainbow Trout is called a Steelhead , which can be caught at Kanan Lake. A Rainbow Trout is not very different from a Cutthroat Trout, however, they live in different areas. This fish was mainly found in Europe, but it has been transported around the world by scientists in hopes for it to strengthen it's immune system to diseases, thus making more fish available to fishermen. 

Baits & LuresEdit

  • Any regular size bait.
  • Any regular spoons except for the beetles. 


In Kanan Lake, the easiest say to catch one is to just cast around with quick hitter (Regular) bait. In Kerikil River, a fast way to catch this fish is to go to Kerikil Waterfall, and cast with quick hitter (Regular). Another bait you can use that is very effective at catching these is the medium spoon series of tigers, which have tiger designs on them. Though the annoying part is that Brook Trout might steal your bait. But of course, sometimes other fish just ignroe it.