Rainbow Trout
Rainbov Trount

Scientific Name

Oncorhynchus mykiss


Kanan Lake, Kerikil River

Real Life Location

Asian and North American tributaries

Tackle Size


Largest Size

1.68 ft.

Base Fish Points


The Rainbow Trout is a frigid fish found at Kanan Lake and Kerikil River. It is a medium-sized salmonid with a green mottled body and a signature red streak on its sides. It commonly hangs out with the more common Brook Trout. It is required to complete the quest "The Kerikil Researcher" at Kerikil River.



Any M-sized rod and reel will work. The Rainbow Trout is not picky at all; it even takes the Free Bait. For lures, any Spoons will work except for the Beetle line.

The best place to catch this fish is at the Kerikil Waterfall. There is nothing else but the Rainbow Trout and the Brook Trout. In Kanan Lake, it can be found on East Sparse Rock area alongside other salmonids, though sometimes strays as far as the Reed Point area.


  • The Steelhead, which can be found at Kanan Lake, is an anadromous version of the Rainbow Trout: lives in the ocean, but go to freshwater to spawn. This is mentioned in the quest "Kanan Fish Research" at Kanan Lake .


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