Pteraspis AD

Scientific Name

Larnovaspis stensioei


Panas Jungle

Real Life Location

Britain, Belgium

Tackle Size


Largest Size

1.05 ft

Base Fish Points


The Pteraspis is a tropical fish found at Panas Jungle. It is a jawless fish with blue body and a brown "winged helmet" at its head. This fish is infamous for its questionable placement at the location where it resides.


Baits & LuresEdit


A lot of patience is required before even attempting to hunt for this ancient fish. The Pteraspis hides behind the two dunes at the back of the marsh, which requires an awkward casting angle to reach. This also means you are fishing blind, so you have no idea what fish that currently at that place.

Lures are the best way to catch this fish, as your baits are most likely to be stolen by either Armored Catfish or Cardinal Tetras. Regularly go to the Hibiscus Pier and then return to Emerald Marsh may help, as doing so will reset the fishpool in the Marsh.


  • The scientific name of this fish is recently changed to Larnovaspis stensioei. Thus, the name P. stensioei now become obsolete.
  • The Pteraspis have a helmet on their head like the Dunkleosteus, Rolfosteus canningensis, and Bothriolepis. However, unlike these that belongs to the Class Placodermi, Pteraspis are a member of the Class Pteraspidimorphi, an extinct group of jawless fish unrelated to the modern lampreys and hagfish.
  • This fish are regarded as the hardest fish to catch for most players.
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