Pteraspis AD

Scientific Name

Pteraspis Stensioei


Panas Jungle

Real Life Location

Britain, Belgium

Tackle Size


Largest Size

1.05 ft

Base Fish Points


the Pteraspis is the monster fish of panas jungle. It has an armor plate covering its front body. The plate has slight wing-shaped sides to help it to swim, hence its name: wing shield. It is very hard to catch, taking days to hook and pull up. The Pteraspis lived in the early devonian period and lived in what is now Belgium. It is a jawless fish, and unrelated to the modern jawless fish, the lampreys and the hagfishes. 


  • Panas Jungle: Emerald Marsh
  • May reside near the lilypads on right side of the marsh or behind the dune


This fish is rare, no doubt, and is hard for anyone to catch. To catch this fish, you needs lots of patience, especially if you are using a bait. The most common place in which this fish is found is behind the two dunes to the right in Emerald Marsh. Fishing with the Sky Blue Glow lure is the best way to catch this fish. Use the lure in between the two dunes, and if nothing bites, reel your lure in and go back to the boat dock. Going to the boat dock then going back to Emerald Marsh resets the fish pool, so if there was no Pteraspis, resetting the fish pool might spawn one. This fish might takes hours to catch, or it might take days, if you use bait, because several fish (mostly Armored Catfish and Cardinal Tetra) will steal the bait. 

Baits & LuresEdit

  • Bait: Quick Hitter (Regular), Rainbow (Regular)
  • Swimming Lure: Sky Blue Glow (Works Best)