Pond Smelt
100 1041

Scientific Name

Hypomesus olidus


Remak Es Lake

Real Life Location


Tackle Size

N/A, Smelt Rod

Largest Size

0.64 feet

Base Fish Points


The Pond Smelt is a small fish only found (and the only fish) at Remak Es Lake. It is caught with small fishing poles hung over a hole in the ice. A short mini game is played in an attempt to catch the smelts, which can be more challenging than normal fishing. It is impossible to know what class a smelt is until after the trip to Remak Es Lake is over. The way to land these fish is by is you have a Wii Remote, pressing A and B in the order that is tells you. The pond smelt is one of the smallest fish in the game. 


If you catch 30+ smelt from this minigame, then you obtain an award. You can look on your computer in your hotel room to look at your award. 

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Ice fishing for pond smelts