Pink Anemonefish
Pink Anemonefish

Scientific Name

Amphiprion perideraion


Semblian Hole

Real Life Range

Western Pacific Ocean

Tackle Size


The Pink Anemonefish is a fish that can be caught at the Sembilan Island, inside. This fish is one of the skunk clownfish, and is one of the smaller species. They can be found by the Christmas Islands and the eastern Indian ocean. They are best found to the right as you enter Semblian Hole.


Although this fish is not rare, catching it might be challenging because of the Angelfish that also live in the same area. For best results, zoom in and don't take any bite that you can't see has a fish with it. It is a tiny oval shape, and rainbow bait usually attracts in well.

  • A Pink Anemonefish in the photoguide.