Lake Trout
Lake Trout AD

Scientific Name

Salvelinus namaycush


Kanan Lake

Real Life Location

North American lakes

Tackle Size


Largest Size

2.12 ft

Base Fish Points


The Lake Trout are required for the Kanan Fishing Test quest, which requires you to catch three of them. Despite being called a trout, it is in fact a char. They are less common in the southern part of Kanan Lake, but are much more common in the northern part.


This fish is pretty common, and can be caught almost anywhere in Kanan Lake. This fish can be caught with large lures, but is usually caught with medium baits and lures, with a medium rod/reel combo. 

Baits & LuresEdit

  • Spinner: Pink/Blue Spotted
  • Quick Hitter (Regular)

Locations Edit

  • Above the B in Big Kanan
  • Emperor Hyde Hall