Japanese Bullhead Shark

Scientific Name

Heterodontus Japonicus


Teman Paradise Beach, Sepuluh Island

Real Life Location

Japan, China, Taiwan

Tackle Size


Largest Size

4.25 ft

Base Fish Points


The Japanese Bullhead Shark is a large fish from Teman Paradise Beach, found at Big Catch Rock and the Golden Cliff, but you can also find them at Sepuluh Island. Beginner players looking to make more money can target these, as they are quite valuable relative to other fish in the beginning area, and they are very common. These fish live off the coasts of Japan, and are a popular catch.

They can be caught on Red Bait: Large which is the least expensive non-lure method to catch them, but Quick Hitter and Wide Range will do the trick and many are easily seen from the shore for most of the day in Feest Cove Golden Cliff on the left, and Big Catch Rock.  An angler can easily exceed 20,000 pts in a day when these fish are available for double points as a target species, making them an ideal species for new anglers who just bought their L tackle to chase down and make nice, quick money. Sometimes they can interfere with catching a Moray eel. You can have at most 3 in your aquarium, they will be in your first tropical tank.


In the quest "Teman Paradise Shark Hunt", the player must catch one and report the catch.

Japanese Bullhead Shark in the end of the day