Scientific Name

Hyneria lindae


Kanan Lake

Real Life Location


Tackle Size


Largest Size

17.56 ft

Base Fish Points



  • Kanan Lake: East Sparse Lake

Baits & LuresEdit

  • Spoon: Black Goblin Toy
  • Swimming Lure: Fish Gripper
  • Rainbow Bait: Large
  • Quick Hitter: Large
  • Blue Bait: Large

Rods & ReelsEdit

  • Titan rod and infinity reel+rainbow Bait
  • Beserker Rod And Elephant Reel Though Extremly Diffucult


It doesn't take too long to find, and when you find it, make sure it is between the shore and you, then cast toward it. If it bites, it will keep running into the wall and the line won't get to far out. You will have plenty of time to wear it down and you will soon be able to reel it in. One of the harder fish in the game but most of the time you will be able to catch it.

Tips And TricksEdit

  • If it gets over 100ft from you, most likely it will escape from you. Don't let it get so far.
  • It is actually possible to catch 4 a day and for the player to earn almost 100,000 points per fish [16,500x3(S Rank)x2(Target Bonus)]=99,000 points for one catch.
  • It is actually possible to catch 5 a day and for the player to earn over 190,000 points in total [16,500x3(S Rank)x2(Target Bonus)]=495,000 in total.]
  • It is extremely difficult to catch one without making sure it is between you and shoreline.

Drive slowly with the boat or you will scare it away