Hucho taimen
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Scientific Name

Hucho taimen


Patarpa River

Real Life Location

Eastern Asia

Tackle Size


Biggest Size


Base Fish Points


The Hucho Taimen is a large trout from Eastern Asia. It is the largest fish in the Patarpa River, and the largest trout in the world. It is also known as the Siberian taimen, or the Siberian salmon. In real life, this fish is vulnerable to extinction. Unlike similar sized salmon, the Hucho Taimen is not anadromous. They are closely related to the very similar Japanese Huchen.

Baits & Lures Edit

  • Quick Hitter: Large
  • Minnow: Blue Trolling Dish


This fish is pretty rare, but can be seen usually by the small peninsula. This fish is seen a couple of times during the Patarpa River trip, but when attempted to be caught, an Amur Pike will probably steal the bait before the Hucho Taimen has time to bite.