Hotels are present in almost every major fishing location.

Award "Travel Master" grants you a VIP card which gives 50% discount on lodging and transportation.Is unlocked when you have stayed in every hotel,including the cruiser.

Inside the HotelEdit

Some hotels are just lodges or rooms, but every hotel has a minimum of four things:

  • Fishing center - Players need to go to the fishing center in order to exchange the fish they caught for points, the game's form of currency. Players cannot sleep until they do this. 
  • Bulletin Board - On the bulletin board, which changes every game-day, there are: the map of the location, fish news, fish requests and offers. (Fish news and fish requests are way for the player to choose their daily target for extra points).
  • Reception - The player can choose to check out from the hotel to move to another location. The player will pay travel fees and room fees. 
  • Room - In the player's room, there is a bed, a computer, and a bulletin board, which every evening features a note detailing the aquarium's daily profits. Once the player enters his/her room, the aquarium's profits are automatically added to his/her account.' 

List of Hotels at Penangkapan Island Edit

Hotel Fishing Resort Edit

Main article : Teman Paradise Beach

The Hotel Fishing Resort is likely the biggest hotel in the game, featuring a spacious lobby, a giant aquarium, and a thoughtfully-designed exterior. Near the hotel entrance there is a bicycle rental station. Also, only in this hotel the player can watch the game credits using the TV in the room. It costs 100 points per day to stay here.

Villa Mirador Edit

Main article : Pacar Beach

This small hotel located at far northeast of the beach, with a long dock connecting them. North from the reception is a bicycle rental station, with the cruiser parked at the end of the dock. At the south from the reception, there is a kayak rental station where you can take a kayak out to catch Black and Red Sea Bream , and Striped Beakfish . It costs 400 points per day to stay here.

La HavanaEdit

Main article : Kanan Lake 

The La Havana is the second largest hotel in the game.

It costs 300 points per day to stay here.

Kokoda HouseEdit

Main article : Dua Ribu Lake

It costs 100 points per day to stay here.

River House AlburyEdit

Main article : Tidur River

The cruiser can be found downstream the Southern River.

It costs 300 points per day to stay here.

Kolak InnEdit

Main article : Kerikil River

It costs 300 points per day to stay here.

Bambam LodgeEdit

Main article : Panas Jungle

It costs 200 points per day to stay here.

Waco InnEdit

Main article : Malam Jungle 

It costs 400 points per day to stay here.