Hikarimuji Koi

Scientific Name

Cyprinus carpio


Rahaja Lake

Real Life Location

N/A, not found in nature

Tackle Size


Largest Size

5.10 ft (S)

Base Fish Points


The Hikarimuji Koi is one of several koi species in the game. While the other species share the same stats and model, the Hikarimuji koi is much larger than the others with a larger belly. Cast right up to the bridge and wait. You won't see it rise but it will bite. While only bright yellow in game, real life Hikarimuji koi also come in silver and red. This fish is pretty rare.


This fish is kind of rare, but is easy to catch because it is the only koi in Rahaja Lake that will take Large bait. This fish requires Large rod/reel and Large bait, and is easiest caught when seen. This fish likes to swim around the bridge on the other side of Rahaja lake. The Hikarimuji Koi around that bridge is hard to catch because you often break your line while casting too far to that bridge. 

Baits & LuresEdit

  • Quick Hitter (Large)
  • Wide Range (Large)
  • Rainbow Bait (Large)
Use only the Titan/Infinity, Berserker/Elephant, and Storm Killer/Lunker Keeper combos.