Forceps Fish
Forceps Fish AD

Scientific Name

Forcipiger flavissimus


Teman Paradise Beach

Real Life Location

Southern and Western Pacific Ocean

Tackle Size


Largest Size

0.76 ft

Base Fish Points


The Forceps Fish is a small common fish in Teman Paradise Beach. These fish will give you easy points. You might have trouble catching S rank ones because other species might steal your bait

It's mainly yellow and in real life, and is also called the Yellow Longnose Butterflyfish. 


This fish is pretty common, and is obviously seen. The only problem is that it has a very similar look to the Oriental Butterflyfish, who lives in the same area. To catch this fish fast, use small rod/reel, with Regular bait (Quick Hitter). This fish is best caught when seen. This fish lives in east Pacar Beach and West Teman Paradise Beach to right to the left of the shop.