Scientific Name

Dunkleosteus terreli


Temperate Ocean

Real Life Location

North America, Europe, and Morocco

Tackle Size


Largest Size

25.45 ft

Base Fish Points


Dunkleosteus is the largest fish found in the Temperate Ocean. While very rare, it is the largest fish caught through trolling in the game. It is also the largest fish caught in general in the game. Unlike its real life counterpart, the game's Dunkleosteus has rayed fins, which placoderms, like Dunkleosteus, do not have. It can be caught by trolling from the cruiser. It does not have teeth, but two giant bones which work like a beak. In real life, they used to grow to over 30 feet. It's smaller cousin, the Coccosteus, used to grow about 20 feet. Having a bony head, it is considered a placoderm. It had a jaw power that was over 1000 pounds per square inch, and the front of its beak had a jaw power of over 1800 pounds per square inch, which is more power than the modern crocodile. It lives in Sembilan Island Area.


Get the fishing cruiser and drive it over to the cliff by Sembilan Island and start trolling. For some reason I have found most of mine in that area so I would recommend trying it

Baits & LuresEdit

  • Trolling: Purple Lure
  • Trolling: Purple Lure, White Lure
  • Trolling: White Lure
  • Trolling: Pink Lure (works better)                                                      
  • 2 white 3 orange [works best]
  • All 5 orange works great as well!
  • yellow, orange, yellow, orange, yellow [works best/EXACT order]



  • Don't put in the password for Sailfish, by doing so, you are making it very difficult, just not imposible. Use your cruiser and go to Sembilian Island. Put the left side of your boat against the dock so that your boat is facing East. Start trolling and your boat should loop around Sembilian Island. If you get to far from the island, drive your cruiser back and start over. Any of the lure combinations listed above will work. HAVE PATIENCE! This fish is one of the rarest, if not the rarest, fish in the game and takes a while to catch, but it is possible.