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Fishing along the shores of Dua Ribu.

Dua Ribu Lake is one of the three starting locations including the Panas Jungle and Teman Paradise Beach. It contains temperate fish, mostly from North America, however, a few, such as the Murray Cod and Wels Catfish are from other continents. Dua Ribu Lake feeds the Kerikil River, which flows into the Temperate Ocean. This is the place in which you learn how to lure fish, the second of 3 fishing techniques in which you learn in this game, the other two being float fishing, and trolling. 


Fishing AreasEdit

Fish Areas Dua Ribu Lake

Fishing Areas

Dua Ribu Lake is separated by fishing areas, as pictured on right. If the fish page tells you the fish can be found in Red Windmill, then you need to start in the red area named Red Windmill.

Some rare fish usually have detailed locations than generic fishing area names.

Bulletin BoardEdit

  • Oriental Lake Rahaja Tour (Allows the access to Rahaja Lake if you meet the requirements)
  • Dua Ribu Lake Submarine Tour
  • Lure Fishing School
  • Dua Ribu Lure Fishing Tournament


  • Dua Ribu's Lunker Bass
  • Do You Like Yellow?
  • Time To Eat
  • Want A Fishing License?

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