Demon Stinger

Scientific Name

Inimicus didactylus


Teman Paradise Beach

Real Life Location

Tropical marine regions

Tackle Size


Largest Size

1.42 ft

Base Fish Points


The Demon Stinger, also known as the Bearded Ghoul in reality, is a fish of Teman Paradise Beach found near the Golden Cliffs. This fish got its name from its spines, and when being attempted to be eaten or touched by a potential predator, it will release a toxin from its fins that will stun, injur, or even kill its predators. Potential predators include humans. Other related species are the frogfish, stonefish, scorpionfish, and sargassum fish.this fish is slightly smaller in real life than it is in the game. This fish is a member of the synanceiidae family, which means that it is a ray-finned fish. This fish is in the most prominent genuses of the synanceiidae family, the scorpaenidae family. The fish in this genus have some of the most potent neurotoxin of all fish, which are dispersed gland in their fins. 


033. Demon Stinger