Channa Lucius

Scientific Name

Channa lucius


Malam Jungle

Real Life Location

Southeast Asia and China

Tackle Size


Largest Size

1.46 (S)

Base Fish Points


Channa lucius, known as the Forest Snakehead in reality, is a medium sized Fish that can be easily caught in most of Malam Jungle. It is unknown why it is featured in the game with its scientific name. They are easily caught at the entrance to twin rock stream

Baits and LuresEdit

  • Baits: Most bait


As it says above, cast with M at the entrance to twin rock stream and wait for a hit. Chances are that you will catch a channa lucius. It wouldn't fight extremely hard, but just beware that a Ocellated Snakehead might take the bait, but you will be able to catch this within a game day.