Cardinal Tetra
Cardinal NB

Scientific Name

Paracheirodon Axelrodi


Panas Jungle

Real Life Location

Amazon Basin

Tackle Size


Largest Size

. 21 ft.

Base Points


The Cardinal Tetra, also known as the Neon Tetra is a super small freshwater Fish often found in Emerald Marsh of Panas Jungle. In the player's aquarium in Teman Paradise Beach, the Cardinal Tetra is found in one of the very small tanks on the freshwater floor. In real life, the Cardinal Tetra is commonly found in aquariums, because of its bright colors. This fish can grow to a little longer than an inch in reality, which is smaller than in the game. Until recently, this fish was not as common as the neon tetra in aquariums because of it's difficulty to breed in captivity. 

Baits & Lures:Edit

  • Baits: Any Regular Bait