Brown Bullhead
Brown Bullhead AD

Scientific Name

Ameiurus nebulosus


Dua Ribu Lake

Real Life Location

North America

Tackle Size


Largest Size

1.21 ft

Base Fish Points


The Brown Bullhead is a small catfish found in several areas of Dua Ribu Lake. It is the most common of the three Bullheads. The brown bullhead is actually the largest of the three bullheads in the game in real life. 


Baits & Lures

  • Bait: Free Bait
  • Minnow: Wild King (Gold)
  • Spoon: Naga Scale (Blue, Pink)
  • Swimming Lure: Gullible (Black)


This fish is common for some, and rarer for others. This fish is commonly caught by the Blue Windmill, and can be caught with the above baits and S-M tackle. This fish can be caught with a mix of other bullheads and bass, and can also be caught with Quick Hitter (Regular)