Scientific Name

Lates Calcarifer


Malam Jungle

Real Life Location

Indo-West Pacific

Tackle Size


Biggest Size

6.31 ft

Base Fish Points


The Barramundi or seaperch is a large fish of Malam Jungle, found in the Malam Outlet. It is unlocked after completing the quest "The Hunt For Barra" by catching a Papuan Black Bass. It is not very uncommon..

The Barramundi in real life is smaller than the Nile Perch, reaching over 100 lbs and 5 ft. It is found in Australia, Southeast Asia and even as far as in India and Pakistan. It is a type of seabass. The "Barra" is found in the outlet

It looks nearly identical to the Nile Perch but the Nile Perch doesn't hang out in the outlet. Actually the Barramundi and the Nile Perch hang out in Malam Outlet. Don't get to close to the waterfall or else you may catch a Papuan Black Bass. Another way to tell the difference between a Nile Perch and a Barramundi is that the Barramundi is more white then the Nile Perch. Actually I don't think the Nile Perch is white at all. The Barramundi has a more narrow appearance than the Nile perch. Much more skinny.

Bait & Lures Edit

  • Rainbow Bait (Large)