Alligator Gar
AlligatorGar NB

Scientific Name

Atractosteus spatula


Panas Jungle

Real Life Location

Florida, Texas, The Amazon

Tackle Size

XL or Large

Largest Size

10.22 ft

Base Fish Points



Spatula Fish

The Alligator Gar  is a large gar that can often reach sizes over six feet in length. They can be found in Panas Jungle in Panas Lake, the Waterfall, and the Mangrove Forest. In reality, Alligator Gar were once found as far North as Canada until man came along, and its currently southern range may have confused the game creators into if it was tropical or temperate. It could have also been confused with its smaller but real life relative, the Tropical Gar.

When the player first encounters the Alligator Gar, it is likely one of the more valuable fish. Because it is so common and easy to spot, it can serve as a efficient source of income.


They're visible in water and it's easy to see them from the boat. They have long snout nose and narrow tail. They are almost impossible to distinguish from the Platinum Alligator Gar. Just look for a Lighter colored gar if you are looking For the Platinum Alligator Gar, or look for a Darker colered gar if you are looking for a Normal Alligator Gar. It’s a very slight difference so you will catch a Normal Alligator Gar now and then.

  • Panas Lake
  • Panas Waterfall
  • Mangrove Pool

Baits & Lures

  • Crankbait: Gold Glory
  • Minnow: Orange Vivitie, Pink Vivitie
  • Spinner: Pink McCoy, White McCoy
  • Spoon: Red Goblin Toy
  • Swimming Lure: Big Blue Glow, Big Pink Glow, Gold Fish Gripper, Pink Fish Gripper, Silver Fish Gripper
  • Bait: Pretty much every bait as long as it's L-XL bait