African Pike

Scientific Name

Hepsetus odoe


Panas Jungle

Real Life Location


Tackle Size


Largest Size

1.91 ft

Base Fish Points


The African Pike is a brown-orange fish found mostly in Panas Jungle's lake, though you can find it in other places of the jungle. For some it could be pretty rare. In real life, it could be a lighter shade of brown or silver, but could also be the exact same shade that is in the game. The sizing is accurate in the game. It is common for some, but rare for others. For the common guys, it would be a nuisance when looking for the Black Ghost Knifefish, and, for the people who find it rare, it could be a pain in the neck.


  • Rootroof Stream
  • Hibiscus Pier
  • Panas lake and mangrove pool

Baits & LuresEdit

  • Bait: Quick, Wide Range, Rainbow
  • Spoon: Blue Naga Scale