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• 4/12/2015

Too Much Seaweed and Driftwood in Ocean

Anyone know how to avoid catching seaweed and driftwood so much with the S-M rod or will that always be a part of fishing in the ocean.  Sometimes half of what I catch is that trash.  Gets frustrating after a while.  If anyone has a secret, please share.  Thank you!

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• 7/30/2015

Ha- So true!, I have tried only thorwing to fish dots on the radar screen, assuming the 1st concentric ring to be a 20 ft cast ( not even sure of that). Sometimes it seems to help. But lately, I find I can sometimes throw out to the mid 40 ft range away from all radar blips and still catch fish rather that trash. Seems that throwing out much beyonf this seldom gets anything. Yes it is pretty frustrating aspect of the game, and aboard the cruiser/ferry only occurs when fishing S/M sized rods. Currently loooking for am S class Japanese Puffer.

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